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BIOSORRA is a social enterprise that provides affordable and sustainable biofertilizer to farming communities in SSA to improve food security while capturing carbon out of the atmosphere

Did you know?

  • The population is expected to double in Africa to 2.5B people by 2050 with everyone dependent on the soil to grow our food

  • Every 1ºC temperature increases, 7% of agriculture productivity is lost

  • Slash and burn agriculture techniques yearly contribute to the 136,000ha of natural forest lost

  • An average smallholding family in Kenya earns $1.4 per day

  • 60% of sub-Saharan Africa consists of small-hold farmers (23% of GDP comes from agriculture)

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Who we Are

We are a group of young entrepreneurs passionate about addressing climate justice in Global South and with a strong belief in creating a more sustainable future for all. Coming from different backgrounds and countries, we aim to impact +10M people across the globe, reducing food insecurity and poverty while offsetting CO2 emissions.

Our dedicated team of experienced professionals are ready to create impact, using their unique skills and passion to move the work of our Agricultural Support Service forward. Meet some of our core team members below.

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Anilkumar Sakhiya

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Sofie Dejaegher

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Advisory board

Desirée Pacheco

Entrepreneurship professor & environmental specialist IESE Business School

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Alejandro Lago

Logistics & operations professor IESE Business School, Africa expert

Frederik Ronsse_edited_edited.png

Frederik Ronsse

Product biochar expert, professional Guidance, Ghant University

Debisi Araba_edited.png

Debisi Araba

PhD environmental policy. Innovation and strategy. Former director CIAT & Africa Green Revolution Forum

Dr George Njenga_edited.png

George Njenga

Dean Strathmore University Kenya and chairman of Ongoza Youth Foundation and Verve Ltd


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